BYU–Hawaii's Environment

BYU Hawaii’s unique environment is divided into three different aspects:   (1) Religious, (2) Student Services, and (3) Cultural and Recreational.   The services provided under each of these categories allow BYU Hawaii to meet the needs of various students coming from the diverse areas of the world.


Religious Aspect

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors BYU-Hawaii to provide a university education in an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual growth and a strong testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ.   Church programs are closely correlated at all levels with the activities of the university, and students will find many opportunities to grow spiritually.

BYU Hawaii Stakes and Wards

The BYU Hawaii campus is divided into three stakes – two for single students and one for married students.   These Stakes provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Devotionals and CES Firesides

Every Tuesday morning at 11 AM, BYU Hawaii students gather to listen and learn from General Authorities and other select speakers.   These devotionals provide an opportunity for students to learn and grow spiritually.   Various firesides are also held throughout each month on campus.

Religion Classes  - STC 182, (808) 675-3640 -

As a part of their university studies, all students participate in at least 14 credit hours of religion courses offered on campus.

Student Services

Academic Advisement –

BYU Hawaii’s team of academic advisors provide assistance to students in setting and achieving both short and long term academic goals.

Career Services – CAF 180, (808) 675-3533 -

Career Services helps students prepare for life after graduation.   Services include career development, graduate school preparation, and employment search and placement assistance.

Counseling and Disability Services – MCK 181, (808) 675-3518 –

Counseling Services provide several services to help students to succeed.   These services include Services for Special Need Student, licensed mental health professionals, and other services.

International Student Services – MCK 181, (808) 675-3516 –

International Student Services is an essential tool for all international students attending BYU Hawaii.   These services include help with legal documentation, assistance in understanding and complying with federal regulations, and counseling to help international students adjust to life on campus.

Internships – CAF 180, (808) 675-3533 -

BYU Hawaii’s Career Services provides several excellent opportunities to apply learning via internships.

Language & Speech Center – MCK 156, (808) 675-3638 -

The Language Center at BYU Hawaii serves all students seeking to learn a second language through various audio, video, and computer based instruction as well as tutors.

Media Scheduling Services – JFS Library, (808) 675-3855 –

Media Services provides a variety of computing, digital, and electronic equipment for use in various academic purposes.

Reading & Writing Center – MCK 199, (808) 675-3629 –

The Reading & Writing Center offers assistance to all students with tutors providing assistance with a variety of academic and professional work.

Testing Center – MCK 115, (808) 675-3536 -

BYU Hawaii’s testing center serves students as the location for course-related tests, interest and personality inventories, and national examinations.

Cultural and Recreational Aspect

Students can immerse themselves in the diverse cultural atmosphere of BYU Hawaii, which has one of the most diverse student populations with 45 percent of the student body representing nearly 70 countries.

Student Associations – MCK 131, (808) 675-3532 –

Students are able to enjoy the diversity of BYU Hawaii as they participate in the various cultural clubs on campus as well as campus-wide cultural activities such as Culture Night, Songfest, and Foodfest.   A variety of special interest clubs also give students the opportunity to expand their interests.

Museum of Natural History – MCK 125, (808) 675-3816 -

BYU Hawaii’s Natural History Museum hosts a collection of vertebrates and invertebrates from the Pacific and elsewhere.

Polynesian Cultural Center – 55-370 Kamehameha Hwy, (808) 293-3333 –

BYU Hawaii maintains a unique interdependent relationship with the Polynesian Cultural Center.   The Polynesian Cultural Center provides 700 students a means of employment while interacting with visitors from around the world.

Athletic Facilities

BYU Hawaii maintains multiple athletic facilities including a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and the multi-purpose Cannon Activities Center.

The HUB – ACR 123, (808) 675-3549 –

BYU Hawaii’s game center provides a place to relax with activities such as bowling, table tennis, and video games.

Intercollegiate Athletics

BYU Hawaii’s men's intercollegiate program consists of basketball, cross country, golf, tennis, and soccer.  BYU Hawaii's women's intercollegiate program consists of basketball, cross country, softball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer.

Intramural Activities

The campus intramural program consists of several activities throughout the year involves many participants in both men’s and women’s activities.