The Academic Program at BYU–Hawaii is a foundational experience for all students.  It gives both breadth and depth of knowledge.  

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Major or Track

Major Requirements (MRS)

Accounting MRS
Art (Graphic Design, Painting) MRS
Biochemistry MRS
     -General Biology MRS
     -Marine Biology MRS
     -Molecular Biology MRS
     -Biomedical MRS
Business Management  
     -Finance Track


     -Human Resource and Organizational Behavior Track


     -Marketing Track


     -Operations and Supply Chain Management Track


Computer Science MRS
Elementary Education MRS
English MRS
Exercise and Sport Science  
     -Biomedical Science MRS
     -Business Management MRS
     -Health MRS
     -Sports and Fitness Management MRS
     -Sports Performance MRS
     -Exercise and Sports Science Education see Secondary Education
Hawaiian Studies MRS
History MRS
Hospitality and Tourism Management MRS (old track)
MRS (NEW track-see Advisor)
Information Systems MRS
Information Technology MRS
Interdisciplinary Studies MRS
International Cultural Studies  
     -Cultural Anthropology MRS
     -Communications and Culture MRS
     -Comparative Humanities MRS
     -Intercultural Peacebuilding MRS
     -Pure Mathematics MRS
     -Applied Mathematics MRS
     -General Music MRS
     -Piano Performance MRS
     -Vocal Performance MRS
     -Instrumental Performance MRS
     -World Music Studies MRS
Pacific Island Studies MRS
Political Science MRS
Psychology MRS
Secondary Education  
     -Art Education MRS
     -Biology Education MRS
     -Business Education MRS
     -Chemistry Education MRS
     -English Education MRS
     -History Education MRS
     -Mathematics Education MRS
     -Exercise and Sports Science Education MRS
     -Physical Science Education MRS
     -Physics Education MRS
     -Social Sciences Education MRS
     -Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Education MRS
Social Work MRS
Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) MRS