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MRS - major

mRS - minor

cRS - certificate


Program Description

Arts & Humanities programs draw on the established methodologies of social science and humanistic training, whether this takes the form of historical, linguistic, or cultural inquiry, or from active participation in the visual and performing arts.

Art (Graphic Design) MRS Graphic Design: Students will learn design concepts and principles for visual problem solving and communication in an aesthetic and creative way.
Art (Painting) MRS Painting: Students will learn principles of visual communication and drawing and painting techniques as a means to image creation and artistic expression.
Art-Education MRS  
Art, Intro to mRS  
Asian Studies mRS Provides students with a foundation in Chinese and Japanese literatures as well as the history, culture, and geography of Asia. Intro Courses: ICS 262 or HIST 342 
American Sign Language cRS  
Chinese mRS Provides students with a foundation in intermediate Chinese and Chinese literature. Intro Course: CHIN 201
Communication Studies MRS, mRS  
Creative Writing mRS The creative writing minor focuses on the reading and production of imaginative writing in various genres—mainly fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction (personal essay and memoir), and will introduce students to the world of editing and publishing. The minor is also preparation for a variety of writing-related fields such as journalism, technical writing, freelance writing, marketing and advertising, and even some social sciences where writing with style is highly valued. Intro Couse: ENGL 218R
Cultural Anthropology  MRS, mRS Provides students with a foundation in the study of culture, particularly in cultural systems, narratives and performances, globalization, political and economic systems, religion, ethnography, applied anthropology, etc. Students who study cultural anthropology find employment opportunities in international organizations (i.e., U.N.), government agencies, corporations, historical/cultural associations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Intro Course: ANTH 105


The English major and minor give broad preparation in critical thinking and communication, helping students to become better writers and speakers and to approach problems analytically. Students will work to read texts closely and provide evidence for well-written claims. They will encounter texts from a variety of time periods and genres and build strong skills in the English language. Intro Course: ENGL 251


Film mRS Film Studies provides students with critical perspectives on films. It has a more defined career path for students, with potential careers in media production, advertising/marketing/campaigning, public relations, instructional material development, visual communications, and the film industry. Intro Course: HUM 102
Foundational Language Study


Hawaiian Language

mRS, cRS

Hawaiian Studies


Provides students with a foundation in Hawaiian culture and history. Intro Class: HWST 101


Understand the past to forge the future.  Courses prepare students to understand the relevance of history and the principles of historical inquiry from local, national, and global perspectives. Intro Courses: Hist 120, 121, 192, 200, 201, or 202


Integrated Humanities MRSmRS  
Intercultural Peacebuilding MRS  
Japanese mRS Provides students with intermediate Japanese and Japanese literature. Intro Course: JPN 201
Linguistics mRS The Linguistics minor is for students who are interested in the capacities, principles, and systems that underlie human language, its acquisition and use. The minor includes courses in language learning, language systems, language analysis, and quantitative research methods. Intro Course: LING 210
Music (minor) mRS The music minor at BYUH invites students to participate in music at the university level, including academic studies and performance opportunities in solo and ensemble settings. 
Music   Through rigorous training, students are equipped to perform artistically, to teach effectively, and to provide music leadership in the Church and in the community. In addition to the Western tradition in music, students also learn cultural sensitivity through contact with diverse world music cultures.
-General Music MRS  
-Piano Performance MRS  
 -Instrumental Performance MRS  
-Vocal Performance MRS  
-World Music Studies MRS  
Pacific Island Studies


Provides students with a foundation in Pacific Islands history and culture. Intro Course: PAIS 105
Painting mRS Learn basic principles of image creation and artistic expression using drawing and painting media.
Photography/Video mRS  
Piano Performance mRS Entrance into this minor is by audition with the piano-area coordinator, Dr. Scott McCarrey (Auditorium 164).
Sculpture mRS Explore three dimensional forms (e.g. human figure) and materials human figure and clay.
Social Science-Education MRS  
Spanish mRS Provides students with a foundation in intermediate Spanish and Spanish literature. Intro Course: SPAN 201
Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) MRS English is the language of international communication in business, higher education, science, technology, travel, as well as in the Church, and hundreds of millions of people are in need of prepared English language teachers. Intro Course: TESOL 240 or LING 210
TESOL Education MRS The TESOL program emphasizes practical preparation for teaching and provides students with a variety of experiences leading toward this goal. Certifying to teach in American public schools is another highly-recommended option (TESOL Education major)
Theatre mRS Introduces the art and craft of theatrical production and application. Increases competency in theatrical understanding and performance. Prepares students with skills to perform, produce, and understand theatrical performances. Intro Courses: THEA 115 or THEA 123