Professional Studies Programs

Majors, Minors, Certificates

Requirement Sheets

MRS - major

mRS - minor

cRS - certificate

Program Description

Professional Studies programs cover a wide range of disciplinary areas. They share a practical focus in helping students be well prepared for active social and civic engagement and to have the skills to help organizations and people learn and succeed.

Accounting MRS, mRS  
Agile Project Managment cRS  
Business Management    
-BUSM-Finance MRS  
-BUSM-Human Resources & Organizational Behavior MRS  
-BUSM-Marketing MRS  
-BUSM-Operations & Supply Chain MRS  
Business Education MRS  
Coaching (Exercise and Sports Science) mRS  
Criminal Justice cRS  
Digital Business  cRS  
Digital Security mRS, cRS  
Digital Technology Introduction mRS  
Digital Technology mRS  
Education (minor) mRS Any student who wishes to have some teacher education course background may select the education minor as an option. It is complementary to many majors on campus and includes 18 credit hours of education classes which must be chosen with faculty guidance to assist in meeting the career goals of the student. Intro Course: EDU 312
Elementary Education MRS  
Enterprise Business Systems mRS  
Emergency Management cRS  
Entrepreneurship mRS, cRS  
Foundational Language Study mRS  
Governance cRS  
Hospitality and Tourism Management MRS, mRS  
Human Resource Management mRS  
Information Systems MRS, mRS  
Intercultural Peacebuilding cRS  
International Development cRS  
Leadership mRS  
Legal Studies cRS  
Marketing mRS  
Mobile App Dvlpmt, Intro mRS  
New Media Journalism cRS  
Organizational Behavior mRS  
Professional Writing mRS The Professional Writing minor is available to students interested in writing in the professional world across a wide range of industries. Our goal is to help students become articulate writers who can meet the communicative needs of a modern global workplace. Intro Courses: ENGL 316, ENGL 330
Public Management mRS  
Social Work MRS, mRS, mRS (Intro)  
Special Education cRS  
Strategic Communication cRS For students desiring professional competencies in strategic communication (e.g. public relations, public affairs, organizational communication, advertising, etc.), a five-course certificate is offered. In the program, students learn campaign planning and execution. Such abilities are desired in the public and private sectors as non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private firms communicate with external publics and constituencies. Intro Course: COMM 201
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) cRS English is the language of international communication in business, higher education, science, technology, travel, as well as in the Church, and hundreds of millions of people are in need of prepared English language teachers. The minor and certificate in TESOL are meant to complement most any major on campus, adding an extra major skill area to one's portfolio and marketability. The minor is particularly helpful to education majors destined for U.S. public schools, while the Certificate is more widely recognized in Asia. Intro Courses: TESOL 240 or LING 210 
TESOL Minor, Intro mRS  
Web Design, Intro mRS