Department Contact Information

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College/Dept Name Position Academic Advisor Administrative Assistant
Arts and Humanities
Phillip McArthur      3907 Dean   Michelle Campbell 3966
  Hiagi Wesley      3110 Associate Dean    
Culture and History Tevita Ka'ili        3692 Chair Danielle Kinikini  4706 Lisa Faonelua  3665
English and Humanities

Stephen Hancock   3438

Chair Keola Kaluhiokalani 3843 Carol Peterson 3616
Music and Theatre Daniel Bradshaw  3914 Chair Keola Kaluhiokalani 3843 Sosina Feinga 3892
Visual Arts and Communications Yifen Beus 3618 Chair Keola Kaluhiokalani 3843 Michelle Campbell 3966
College/Dept Name Position Academic Advisor Administrative Assistant
Business, Computing and Government Jim Lee             3289 Dean   Tawnya Briskin 3472

Brian Houghton 3209

Associate Dean    

Jennifer Chen     3586

Chair Susan Wesley   3596 Lila Magalei 3559
Business Management

Cary Countryman    4621

Chair Charity Fonoimoana 3827 Lila Magalei 3559
Computer and Information Sciences Stuart Wolthuis      3473 Chair Hi'i Campbell    3597 Maka Nakayama 4771
Political Science Mike Murdock         3842 Chair Susan Wesley   3596 Patiola Thompson  3830
Hospitality & Tourism Center David Preece   3338 Academic Director Susan Wesley   3596 Lila Magalei 3559
Willes Center

Jason Scott Earl  3355

Academic Director Charity Fonoimoana 3827

Jordyn Alo  4993

Name Position Academic Advisor Administrative Assistant
Human Development Jennifer Lane 4971 Dean   Anna Kaanga 3640
  Mark James          3625 Associate Dean    
Education Karen Latham       3362 Chair Joselyn Akana 3274 Jolene Kanahele 3886
Religious Education

Marcus Martins 3641

Chair Marilee Ching      3891 Anna Kaanga  3640
Social Work Andre Hippolite   3838 Chair Joselyn Akana 3274 JaNae Sika 4968
English Language Teaching and Learning (ELT) EIL and TESOL/Linguistics Neil Anderson          3632 Chair Joselyn Akana 3274 Tanya Smith   3649
Name Position Academic Advisor Administrative Assistant
Math and Sciences

Mark Cannon      3803

Dean   Naomi Sellers 3923
  Boyd Timothy     3931 Associate Dean    
Exercise and Sport Science

David Porter   3755

Chair Hi'i Campbell 3597 Wanza Falevai 3750
Mathematics Scott Hyde             3308 Chair Hi'i Campbell 3597 Summer Crowell 4720
Natural Sciences Georgi Lukov   3812 Chair  Danielle Kinikini 4706 Nola Poutoa  3801
Psychology Jess Kohlert    4538 Chair Joselyn Akana 3274 Naomi Sellers 3923
Library and Academic Support Michael Aldrich       3851 Director Marilee Ching      3891 Kaala Lindo 3850
General Education

Russel Carlson  3263

Director Marilee Ching      3891  Michelle Campbell 3966