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(BUSM 342) Business Law and Ethics

Ethical foundation and the legal environment of business; contracts; uniform commercial code related to sales, commercial paper, and secured transactions; business organization; government regulations; property; bankruptcy, trusts, estates, insurance.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites BUSM 180 with a C- or better and ENGL 101
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
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Course Outcomes

The International Business Management Department has established ten learning outcomes that it would like its students to achieve before they graduate. IBM students will:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental areas of business.
2. Have knowledge of international business basics.
3. Have knowledge of intercultural understanding fundamentals.
4. Demonstrate commitment to ethical behavior.
5. Be able to solve problems.
6. Work effectively in teams.
7. Communicate effectively.
8. Demonstrate commitment to service-mindedness.
9. Demonstrate the ability to lead.
10. Be able to prepare an entrepreneurial business plan.