Communication and Media Studies




Administrative Assistants


Academic Advisor



  • Chen, Chiung Hwang, Communications (2001) B.A. 1985, World College of Journalism, Taipei; B.A. 1991, Brigham Young University–Hawaii; M.A. 1994, University of Iowa; Ph.D. 2000, University of Iowa.
  • Stout, Daniel, Communications (2013) B.A. 1979, Brigham Young University; M.A. 1985, University of Georgia; Ph.D. 1993, Rutgers University.


Associate Professors

  • Yergensen, Brent, Communications (2018) B.S. 2004, Idaho State University; M.A. 2006, Eastern Illinois University; Ph.D. 2011, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Executive Leadership Cert. 2015, Cornell University.


Assistant Professors

  • Allred, Mason, Communications (2018) B.A. 2007, Brigham Young University-Hawaii; M.A. 2008, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. 2015, University of California, Berkeley.


Emeritus Faculty

  • Compton, D. Chad (1992-2017)


Programs and Degrees

The Communication and Media Studies Program offers a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies. Students may also earn an academic or a skill-based minor or certificate in these fields. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor and academic advisor to plan an academic schedule. Programs offered in the Communication and Media Studies Program include the following and are described below.

Programs and Degrees

  • B.A. Communication and Media Studies
  • Communication Minor
  • Certificate in Multimedia Communication

Programs Outcomes

Upon completing a major Communication and Media Studies, students will:

  1. Understand history and diversity of the communication discipline.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of communication theory and application.
  3. Think critically to develop innovative and well-founded perspectives.
  4. Broaden knowledge of role of media in various cultures.
  5. Use technology to communicate effectively in various settings and contexts.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate and professional ethical behavior.

Programs Descriptions

Media of communication play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in: from the press, to social media, to film and to other entertainment media. The communication studies curriculum teaches students the foundation of ethical and effective communication. The curriculum includes a wide range of topics, addressing important issues such as media criticism, message design, media processes and effects. Students are expected to develop analytical, leadership, teamwork skills, and the ability to articulate, in verbal and written forms, ideas in the contemporary media landscape.

Career Opportunities

A major in Communication and Media Studies provides a rigorous degree that prepares students for graduate professional programs in business and public administration, public relations, journalism, as well as for graduate academic programs in fields such as communication studies, media studies, American studies, and other interdisciplinary programs. 

As a terminal degree, the major prepares highly desirable and competent professional consultants, business and government communications specialists, freelance or writers for journals, magazines, or other media outlets.