Church Board of Education


  • Russell M. Nelson, Chairman
  • Dallin H. Oaks, First Vice-Chairman
  • Henry B. Eyring, Second Vice-Chairman
  • Mark B. Woodruff, Secretary

Board Members

  • Russell M. Nelson, Chairman
  • Dallin H. Oaks, First Vice-Chairman
  • Henry B. Eyring, Second Vice-Chairman
  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland*
  • Elder David A. Bednar*
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook*
  • Elder Dale G. Renlund
  • Elder Robert C. Gay*
  • Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
  • Bishop Gérald Caussé
  • Jean B. Bingham*
  • Bonnie H. Cordon
  • Stephen W. Owen
  • Mark B. Woodruff, Secretary*

*Members of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the Board

  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Chair
  • Elder David A. Bednar
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook
  • Elder Robert C. Gay
  • Jean B. Bingham
  • Mark B. Woodruff, Secretary

Office of the Commissioner, Church Education System

  • Kim B. Clark, Commissioner, Church Educational System
  • Mark B. Woodruff, Assistant to the Commissioner and Secretary to the Boards

BYU–Hawaii President's Council

  • John S. Tanner, President
  • John D. Bell, Vice President for Academics
  • Debbie Hippolite Wright, Vice President for Student Development and Services
  • Steven W. Tueller, Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Eric W. Conrad, Vice President for Facilities and Construction
  • Laura M. Tevaga, Director, University Communications

BYU–Hawaii Deans and Directors

ACADEMICS - John D. Bell, Vice President

John Bell

  • Associate Academic Vice President for Curriculum and Assessment - Rose Ram
Testing and Student Rating Management - Chris Wright
Institutional Research and Assessment Manager - Kathy Pulotu
  • Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty - David Bybee
Center for Learning and Teaching - Jared Marcum, Director
Institutional Review Board - Boyd Timothy, Chair
  • Arts and Letters Faculty Unit - Yifen Beus, Dean
​Communication & Media Studies
Visual Arts
  • Business and Government Faculty Unit - Brian Houghton, Dean
Business Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Political Science
The Center for Hospitality and Tourism
Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship
  • Culture, Language and Performing Arts Faculty Unit - Tevita Kaili, Dean
Cultural Anthropology
Hawaiian Studies
Integrated Humanities
Intercultural Peacebuilding
World Languages
Pacific Island Studies
The Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Studies
David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding
  • Education and Social Work Faculty Unit - Karen Latham, Dean
English Language Teaching and Learning
Social Work
  • Math and Computing Faculty Unit - James Lee, Dean
Computer and Information Sciences
  • Religious Education Faculty Unit - Marcus Martins, Dean
Religious Education
  • Sciences Faculty Unit - Mark Cannon, Dean
Exercise & Sport Sciences
Alumni & Career Services - Mark Macdonald, Director
Academic Advisors - Marilee Ching, Manager
Library - Michael Aldrich, Director
Registrar's Office - Daryl Whitford, Registrar


Debbie Hippolite-WrightSTUDENT DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES - Debbie Hippolite Wright, Vice President

• Dean of Students - Melba Latu, Dean
– Office of Honor - Feki Pouha, Manager
• Counseling and Disability Services - Leilani Auna, Director
• Student Leadership and Service - Alison Whiting, Director
• Health Services - Laurie Abregano, Director
• International Student Services - Arapata P. Meha, Director
• Financial Aid and Scholarship - Mamoe Sanerivi, Senior Manager
• Residential Life (Student Housing) - Janey Grover, Senior Manager
• Seasider Sports and Student Activites - Brandyn Akana, Senior Manager
• Title IX Office - Rebekah Strain, Deputy Title IX Coordinator


ADMINISTRATION - Steve Tueller, Vice President

• Budget - Michael Tejada, Director
• Compliance and Internal Audit- Chris Beard, Director
• Financial Services - Eric Marler, Director
• Human Resources - Reid Millerberg, Director
• University Technology Officer - Kevin Schlag, Chief Information Officer
- Enterprise Info Services - Arley Enesa, Director
- IT Infrastructure - David Te'o, Director
- IT Operations - Cindy Tutor, Director
- IT Security - U'i Keala, Coordinator


 FACILITIES AND CONSTRUCTION - Eric Conrad, Vice President

• Auxiliary Services - Edwin Rogers
- Food Services - David Keala
- Procurement - Robert Owan
- Print Services - Angus Christy
- Campus Store - David Fonoimoana
- Housing Operations - Emilyn Relator
- University Housing - Peter Tailele
• Security and Campus Safety - Earl Morris
• Facilities Management - Randy Sharp
- Operations/Grounds - Iafeta Sao
- Fleet Services - Kawika Vendiola
- Custodial - Janeen Kaka
- Campus Distribution Center - Kaliki Unga
- Shops - Michael Tuia
• Campus Planning and Construction - James Brown