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Introduction to Museums, including their history and origins, decolonizing practices, and various aspects of working at a museum (exhibition, script writing, exhibition design, collections management, acquisitions, legal aspects of running a museum, and museum laws like NAGPRA).
Introduction to basic archaeological concepts and methods, archaeology in Oceania, and decolonizing archaeology. Field trips to archaeological sites.
Exploration of the varieties of intangible culture, the ethics and practices of documentation, and strategies for developing and managing conservation projects.
Introduction to basic principles of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax) in the context of language documentation. Language vitality, methods of language documentation, proper data management principles for language documentation, methods of language conservation.
Equal parts creativity and analysis, this introduction to songwriting explores contemporary harmony, melody, form, lyrics, rhyme, character, storytelling, linguistic tools, humor, comedy, and using music to engage with politics, religion, relationships, and social issues.
A focus on instrumentation (learning about individual instruments) and orchestration (combining the different sections of instruments into a convincing whole) equips students in this course with skills for use in arranging, composing, and critical listening.