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An online course designed to teach principles and practices of a healthy lifestyle of wellness and being.
The course designed for those wanting experience in weight training. Topics vary and may include open classes, women-only classes, Olympic lifting classes, etc.
The course designed for those students wanting to learn the basic dance skills of Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, and Fiji.
Principle objectives and philosophies influencing physical education.
Treatment and care of common athletic injuries. Instructor’s permission needed. Fee required.
A course exploring the study of medical and wellness tourism including its history and development, how to manage and market medical and wellness tourism, the international industry of health and wellness, and the development of medical and wellness destinations. Students with a desire to work in any form of medicine, wellness, insurance/healthcare industry professionals, tourism, hospitality, or management may benefit from this course.
A course preparing students to manage corporate wellness programs who are interested in applying health and fitness knowledge with business management principles. Future careers that can benefit from this course may include wellness managers, HR/benefits directors, agents, brokers and consultants, and insurance/healthcare industry professionals.