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The history of Western art music with emphasis on analysis and the interconnection of music with religion, philosophy and economics from 1900 to the present.
Provides a multidimensional view of human development from youngadulthood through the end of life utilizing a systems approach to infuse biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and developmental frameworks that organize human behavior.
Pianists learn the art of collaborative interpretation with instrumentalists and vocalists. Skills are emphasized including sight-reading, following, setting tempo, and clef reading. Master-class attendance required.
Language diction for singers: English and Italian lyric diction with an introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as a tool for studying speech sounds of sung language.
Introduces basic format, grammatical structures, and vocabulary of Biblical Greek. Includes reading Biblical Greek at the elementary level.
Continues the introduction of basic forms, grammatical structures and vocabulary of Biblical Greek. By the end of the semester students will know 82% of Biblical vocabulary and all verbal conjugations.
Class instruction for beginners in voice, piano, and instrumental music. Special fee required for piano and instrumental instruction. (Piano section only: music majors needing to pass piano proficiency will be given preference. Non music majors may contact instructor the first day of class)
Examines music in contemporary American society in all its popular, classical, and cultural manifestations with emphasis on the growth of music as an entertainment business.
This class focuses on reading texts in Biblical Greek and introducing students to academic editions of the Biblical text. Introduces concepts of New Testament textual criticism.
Introduces students directly to manuscripts. Will continue reading Biblical texts. By the end of the semester the students will be able to transcribe and translate directly from ancient manuscripts.
Credit for applied experience in music. Prior approval must be obtained and coordinated by a faculty member and on-site supervisor.
Advanced pianists learn to play with relaxed muscular control; additionally, how to prepare repertoire independently of the private teacher.
The history of Western Art Music with emphasis on analysis and the interconnection of music with religion, philosophy and economics from the Greeks to 1750.