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(ENTR 201R) Entrepreneurship Leadership Practicum

Learn and apply leadership principles, guided by a faculty member, and evaluate leadership experience.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Variable
Programs -

Course Outcomes

With the successful completion of course requirements, a student will be able to do the following:
1. Develop a well-defined SMART Goals.
2. Explore and experience the joy of creating unique solutions to difficult personal, market, and/or social problems.
3. Build a mindset focusing on developing innovative and unique approaches to life pursuits, market opportunities, and/or social issues.
4. Create and/or manage a project that builds personal development skills, leverages market opportunities, and/or works to solve social issues.
5. Demonstrate and present successful work, collaboration, and division of tasks in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team.