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(EXS 129) Fitness and Lifestyle Management

An online course designed to teach principles and practices of a healthy lifestyle of wellness and being.

Credit Hours 2.0 Online
Prerequisites None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

This course takes a practical and personal approach to the needs and interests of each student. At the conclusion of the course you should have learned to:

  1. Discuss objective means for detecting health and safety needs in oneself, thus reducing disease and disability.
  2. Apply information provided in the course to fit one's personal health and fitness needs and interests.
  3. Accumulate knowledge and understanding of health principles and practices that will enable you to modify your health behavior.
  4. Design and follow your own personalized fitness and lifestyle management program, preferably in lifetime physical activities.
  5. Recognize that this course will not only improve the quality of your life immediately, it will also provide personal, family and community benefits throughout your life.