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(CHEM 105L) General Chemistry I Laboratory and Recitation

Alternating three-hour lab and one-hour recitation throughout the semester. Experiments are designed to complement topics covered in CHEM 105. Proper scientific writing is emphasized.

Credit Hours 1.0 Lab
Corequisite CHEM 105
Offered Fall, Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

The specific labs and dates are noted on the accompanying table. Experiments include:
1. Measurement of mass and volume [weight/volume/density].
2. Dissolving a solute in a solvent to prepare an aqueous solution [weighing/dissolution].
3. Spectrophotometric determination of concentration [Beer’s Law applications].
4. Acid/base titration with an indicator to determine concentration [titration/neutralization].
5. Precipitation titration lab.

These labs will specifically help you:
1. Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform essential laboratory skills.
2. Demonstrate the ability to apply biochemical and physics principles and laboratory skills to solve scientific problems.
3. Convey scientific ideas and knowledge clearly and professionally, in written form.
4. Demonstrate significant progress along the targeted career path.