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(BIOL 302L) Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory

Laboratory for Invertebrate Zoology.

Credit Hours 1.0 Lab
Prerequisites BIOL 113
Corequisite BIOL 302
Offered Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

Students are expected to acquire a basic understanding of organismal diversity and evolution, classification, natural history, morphology, anatomy, and physiology of protists and metazoans. Be able to describe the physical parameters that have influenced the evolutionary history of each class of organisms and note the diagnostic traits of those classes. Have a basic understanding of the evolutionary relatedness of extant organisms.

  • Identify synapomorphies that unite major evolutionary clades.
  • Describe the natural history of classes.
  • Identify Phyla/ Class and name diagnostic traits of group.
  • Identify key characters on a evolutionary tree.
  • Identify key anatomy and physiological characters of Phyla/Class.