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(HTM 370) Meetings and Convention Management

Management and operation of conventions, meetings, trade shows and exhibitions for both profit and non-profit organizations. Emphasizes program planning, budgeting, contracts, marketing, public relations, site and facility selection, exhibit planning and marketing, transportation, food and lodging arrangements, and career opportunities. A convention/meeting planning project will be required for successful completion of the course.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites HTM 285, HTM 304
Offered Fall, Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

1. Apply general business principles and practices to the unique nature and needs of the hospitality and tourism industry.
2. Lead other team members toward the successful accomplishment of a task, project, or organizational goal.
3. Effectively solve business problems by applying critical thinking and utilizing qualitative and quantitative tools.
4. Develop a mastery of relevant technologies and systems and their application toward organizational productivity and innovation.
5. Understand and demonstrate how to produce a high level of service quality in a hospitality and tourism setting.
6. Demonstrate flexibility and creativity in the context of a rapidly evolving hospitality and tourism industry.
7. Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in work habits, communications, appearance, and interactions with colleagues and customers.
8. Compete successfully for career opportunities and internal advancement within hospitality and tourism organization.
9. Integrate a hospitality and tourism career into a well-rounded, moral, productive and satisfying life.