Special Education (SPED)

300. Education of Exceptional Students (3) (F, W, S) Overview of the history and development of special education including causes, identification, characteristics, and interventions of various exceptionalities. (Prerequisite: EDU 200)

309. Theory and Practice with Students with Disabilities (3) (F, W, S) Organization of collaborative educational programs, diagnosis, curriculum development, and teaching methods for students with mild/moderate disabilities.  (Prerequisite: SPED 300, Pre- or co-requisite EDU 312)

325. Legal Foundation Of Special Education (2) (F, W, S) Provides a basic level of understanding for the public school educator of federal and state statues and regulations for persons with disabilities. (Prerequisite: EDU 212, SPED 300)

370. Teaching Life Management Skills to Students With Mild Moderate Disabilities (2) (F, W, S) Developing and implementing functional life skills curriculum and interventions for students with disabilities to prepare them for community life.  (Prerequisite: SPED 300, Pre- or co-requisite SPED 309, SPED 325)