Chinese (CHIN)

*101. Elementary Chinese Conversation & Grammar-I (4) (F) Emphasis on conversation. Romanization, character reading, and basic grammar also included. Language laboratory required.

*102. Elementary Chinese Conversation & Grammar- II (4) (W) Continued emphasis on conversation. Character reading and grammar also included. Language laboratory required. (Prerequisite: CHIN 101 or instructor's consent.) May be taken during summer term study abroad in China.

*201. Intermediate Chinese (4) (S) Continued emphasis on conversation. Vocabulary building, advanced grammar review, reading, and writing also included. (Prerequisite: CHIN 102 or instructor's consent.)

*202. Intermediate Chinese II (4) (F) Continued emphasis on conversation, listening comprehension, vocabulary building, grammar review, reading, and writing. (Prerequisite: CHIN 201 or instructor's consent.)

*301. Introduction to Chinese Literature (3) (W) Extensive readings from modern Chinese authors. (Prerequisite: CHIN 202)

311. Advanced Chinese Conversation (3) (S) Intensive collaborative approach to conversational Chinese based on selected dialogue patterns and situations. (Prerequisite: CHIN 301, overseas experience, or instructor's consent)

441. Classical Chinese Literature (3) (F) Intensive reading in the classical novel. (Prerequisite: CHIN 301 and CHIN 311.)

*Cantonese speakers will have different emphasis depending on individual needs.

Those with overseas experience (study abroad or mission, for example) are encouraged to take the FLATS test and with successful passing result, take CHIN 202.