Economics (ECON)

200. Principles of Microeconomics (3) (F, W, S) Introduction to microeconomic principles with focus on product and resource markets, profit maximization under various market structures, and international trade. (Prerequisite: MATH 107)

201. Principles of Macroeconomics (3) (F, W, S) Introduction to macroeconomic principles with focus on market-based economic systems, determinants of output, employment and inflation, monetary and fiscal policy tools, and international finance. (Prerequisite: ECON 200)

350. Economic Development (3) (W) A study of economic growth and development issues, factors which impact economic development including technology, resources, economic structure, and government policy. (Prerequisites: ECON 201 and MATH 221)

353. Money, Banking, and Business (3) (F, W) An introduction to monetary and banking systems with emphasis on the role of money and financial institutions, the determinants of money supply, and the relationship of money to economic activity. (Prerequisites: BUSM 230, ECON 201, MATH 221)

360. International Economics (3) (F) Basic principles of international economics and globalization form the underlying theme of this course, including trade, intellectual property, protectionism, income distribution, cultural diversity, development and finance. The course will emphasize the role of market institutions in the coordination of international economic activity. (Prerequisite: ECON 350)

390R. Special Topics in Economics (1-3) (Variable)

495R. Independent Study (1-3) (Variable) An opportunity to pursue subjects otherwise not offered by the department. Instructor's permission required.

496R. Student Research (1-3) (Variable) Supervised individual research for students who have been granted a student research associateship.