Church Board of Education


  • Russell M. Nelson, Chairman
  • Dallin H. Oaks, First Vice-Chairman
  • Henry B. Eyring, Second Vice-Chairman
  • R. Kelly Haws, Secretary

Board Members

  • Russell M. Nelson, Chairman
  • Dallin H. Oaks, First Vice-Chairman
  • Henry B. Eyring, Second Vice-Chairman
  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland*
  • Elder David A. Bednar*
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook*
  • Elder Dale G. Renlund
  • Elder Robert C. Gay*
  • Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
  • Bishop Gérald Caussé
  • Jean B. Bingham*
  • Bonnie H. Cordon
  • Stephen W. Owen
  • R. Kelly Haws, Secretary*

*Members of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the Board

  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Chair
  • Elder David A. Bednar
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook
  • Elder Robert C. Gay
  • Jean B. Bingham
  • R. Kelly Haws, Secretary

Office of the Commissioner, Church Education System

  • Kim B. Clark, Commissioner, Church Educational System
  • R. Kelly Haws, Assistant to the Commissioner and Secretary to the Boards

BYU–Hawaii President's Council

  • John S. Tanner, President
  • John D. Bell, Vice President for Academics
  • Debbie Hippolite Wright, Vice President for Student Development and Services
  • Steven W. Tueller, Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Eric W. Conrad, Vice President for Facilities and Construction
  • Laura M. Tevaga, Director, University Communications

BYU–Hawaii Deans and Directors

ACADEMICS - John D. Bell, Vice President

John Bell

  • Associate Academic Vice President for Curriculum and Assessment - Rose Ram
Testing and Student Rating Management - Chris Wright
Institutional Research and Assessment Manager - Kathy Pulotu
  • Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty - David Bybee
Center for Learning and Teaching - Jared Marcum, Director
Institutional Review Board - Boyd Timothy, Chair
  • Faculty of Arts and Letters - Yifen Beus, Dean
  • Faculty of Business and Government - Brian Houghton, Dean
     The Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship
  • Faculty of Culture, Language and Performing Arts - Tevita Ka'ili, Dean
     The Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Studies
     David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding
     The Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Studies
  • Faculty of Education and Social Work - Karen Latham, Dean
     English Language Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty of Math and Computing - James Lee, Dean
  • Faculty of Religious Education - Jennifer Lane, Dean
  • Faculty of Sciences - Mark Cannon, Dean
Alumni & Career Services - Mark Macdonald, Director
Academic Advisors - Marilee Ching, Manager
Library - Michael Aldrich, Director
Registrar's Office - Daryl Whitford, Registrar


Debbie Hippolite-WrightSTUDENT DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES - Debbie Hippolite Wright, Vice President

• Dean of Students - Melba Latu, Dean
– Office of Honor - Feki Pouha, Manager
• Counseling and Disability Services - Leilani Auna, Director
• Student Leadership and Service - Alison Whiting, Director
• Health Services - Laurie Abregano, Director
• International Student Services - Arapata P. Meha, Director
• Financial Aid and Scholarship - Mamoe Sanerivi, Senior Manager
• Residential Life (Student Housing) - Janey Grover, Senior Manager
• Seasider Sports and Student Activites - Brandyn Akana, Senior Manager
• Title IX Office - Patricia Abbott, Deputy Title IX Coordinator


ADMINISTRATION - Steve Tueller, Vice President

• Budget - Michael Tejada, Director
• Compliance and Internal Audit- Chris Beard, Director
• Financial Services - Eric Marler, Director
• Human Resources - Reid Millerberg, Director
• University Technology Officer - Kevin Schlag, Chief Information Officer
- Enterprise Info Services - Arley Enesa, Director
- IT Infrastructure - David Te'o, Director
- IT Operations - Cindy Tutor, Director
- IT Security - U'i Keala, Coordinator


 FACILITIES AND CONSTRUCTION - Eric Conrad, Vice President

• Auxiliary Services - Edwin Rogers
- Food Services - David Keala
- Procurement - Robert Owan
- Print Services - Angus Christy
- Campus Store - David Fonoimoana
- Housing Operations - Emilyn Relator
- University Housing - Peter Tailele
• Security and Campus Safety - Earl Morris
• Facilities Management - Randy Sharp
- Operations/Grounds - Iafeta Sao
- Fleet Services - Kawika Vendiola
- Custodial - Janeen Kaka
- Campus Distribution Center - Kaliki Unga
- Shops - Michael Tuia
• Campus Planning and Construction - James Brown