Information Systems (IS)

350. Database Management Systems (3) (F, W) Introduction to design and implementation of database management systems. Emphasis on data structures, normalization of data, data modeling, and database methods. (Prerequisite: CIS 101)

390R. Special Topics in Information Systems (1-3) (Variable)

399R. Internship in Information Systems (1-12) (Variable) Students may receive credit for applied experience in information systems. Prior approval must be obtained and a program coordinated by a faculty member and the on-site supervisor. (Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor)

400. Information Systems Proficiency (0) (F, W, S) Students demonstrate proficiency at important Information Systems skills by examination. This qualifies them to enter the IS capstone experience.

430. Foundations in IT Services, Enterprise Systems, and ERP Skills (3) (F, W) Students learn principles of IT Services and enterprise systems that dramatically impact enterprise business processes; including IT components, architecture, interconnections, best practices, and ERP skills. (Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status and acceptance into one of the Computer and Information Sciences, Business or Accounting degree programs)  

435. Advanced Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems (3) (W) Students learn advanced concepts related to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as data warehousing, business intelligence and business process management. Students will complete several hands-on exercises using the SAP ERP system and other related software tools. (Prerequisite: IS 430)

440. Advanced Topics in SAP ERP Systems (3) (S) Students learn advanced topics related to the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system such as production planning, materials management, sales and distribution, and human capital management. Students will complete several hands-on exercises using the SAP ERP system. (Prerequisites: IS 430 and one of the following: ACCT 356, IS 435, IS 485)

450. Advanced Database Topics (3) (S) Review and application of advanced database topics such as data mining, data warehousing, object-oriented databases, database programming and database administration. (Prerequisite: IS 350)

485. Project Management and Practice (3) (F, S) Advanced students design and implement a significant information system. Project management, management of the IS function, and systems integration are components of the experience. (Prerequisites: CIS 405)

495R. Independent Study (1-3) (Variable) (Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor)

496R. Student Research (1-3) (Variable) Supervised individual research for students who have been granted a student research associateship.