Health (HLTH)

115. Essentials of Nutrition (3) (Variable) Basic concepts of human nutrition and their relationships to achieving and maintaining health. Emphasis on nutritive value of foods available in Hawaii. Open to all students.

130. Personal Health (2) (Variable) Designed to provide an opportunity for exposure to and exploration of health facts, concepts, and principles aimed at improving behavioral responses.

135. Health in Marriage and Pregnancy (2) (W) Essentials for health in marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth.

220. First Aid (2) (Variable) Principles and practices in emergency care and first aid procedures for injuries. Advanced First Aid American Red Cross Certificate given upon successful completion of course.

221. Substance Use and Abuse (3) (S) Psychological, physiological, sociological, cultural, and legal implications of substance use and abuse. Cause, treatment and prevention will be emphasized.

230. Health Issues and Problems (2) (F) Current health issues and problems with emphasis on national and international conditions and projects regarding cultural and governmental influences.

361. Health in the Elementary School (2) (Variable) Introduction to the school health program, emphasizing health instruction.

369. Community Health (3) (F) Investigation and discussion of community organizations, major health problems, and the role and function of various community agencies, programs, and services related to problem resolution.

390R. Special Topics in Health (1-3) (Variable)  An independent study course designed for majors wanting to research special health problems and issues.

441. Health in Secondary Schools (2) (W) Objectives, materials, and teaching strategies of health education in secondary schools. A course designed to prepare secondary education students to teach health.