Hawaiian Studies (HWST)

101. Introduction to Hawaiian Studies (3) (F, W, S) Course focused on the general introduction of Hawaiian culture, history, values, and practices through oral and practical traditions of the Hawaiian People as expressed in their chants, songs, music, art, crafts, food, language, and hospitality. Students engage in research, writing, composing, and sharing creative works linking principles of Hawaiian culture with their current real life situation. Students build a positive foundation in Hawaiian culture as it applies to their lives and will be able to further extend these practices beyond the boundaries of this institution.

275. Mo'olelo: Hawaiian Histories (3) (W) This course will examine Hawaiian history from various approaches ranging from traditional to modern mo'olelo (stories, tales, myths, histories) and students will identify, analyze, perform, create, and research various modes of presenting history. (Prerequisite: HWST 101)

285R. Hawaiian Material and Literary Topics (3) (Variable) Major areas of Hawaiian Studies on a rotation basis:

  1. Hawaiian Weaving
  2. Hawaiian Hula and Mele
  3. Hawaiian La'au Lapa'au and Lomi Lomi
  4. Hawaiian Implements and Instruments
  5. Hawaiian Music: Ki ho'alu (slack-key guitar)
  6. Hawaiian Sports, Games: Pa'ani ho'oikaika
  7. Hawaiian Music: History

301. Contemporary Hawaii (3) (F) Hawaiian Studies introduction focusing on Kanaka-man; 'ohana-family; lahui-extended groups; kokua-assistance; laulima-group effort; ho'oponopono-dispute resolution and other cultural practices. (Prerequisite: HWST 101)

312. Malama 'Aina-Land Responsibility (3) (F, W, S) Focuses on the geographical, cosmological, philosophical, and historical relationships of the land to the people and the uniqueness of La'ie as a pu'uhonua or gathering place.

380. Malama Wa'a-Sea Responsibility (3) (Variable) Focuses on oceanographic studies of marine life inside and outside reefs, fishponds; building, navigating, caring of a double-hull canoe, the study of celestial navigation and path-finding. (Prerequisite: HWST 101, 312 or Permission of Instructor)

390R. Special Topics in Hawaiian Studies (3) (Variable)

399R. Internship in Hawaiian Studies (3) (F, W, S) Students may receive credit for applied experience in Hawaiian Language. Prior approval must be obtained and a program coordinated by a faculty member and the on-site supervisor. (Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor)

461. Pana Hawai'i: Legendary Places of Hawai'i (3) (S) This course is a survey of famous O'ahu place names. Taught in Hawaiian. (Prerequisite: HAWN 201)

490. Senior Seminar (3) (F, W, S) While under the supervision of a faculty, a senior research project incorporating Hawaiian language, culture, values, history, and practices of the Hawaiian people. Demonstrate cumulative knowledge and mastery of Hawaiian language and culture. (Prerequisite: HWST 301)

495R. Independent Study (1-3) (Variable) A student may take up to a maximum of three credit hours of directed research. Supervised by a faculty in the major and must be in the area of Hawaiian language, culture, values, history, and practices of the Hawaiian people.