Secondary Education (SCED)

350. General Methods for Secondary Teachers (2) (F, W) The general methods course provides an introduction to effective teaching methods in secondary classrooms.  These methods will provide a framework for discipline specific application. (Prerequisite: EDU 312)

390R. Special Topics in Secondary Education (1-3) (Variable)

401. A Multicultural Approach to Reading in the Content Area (3) (F, W) Techniques and skills related to the selection and use of written materials in the classroom. Cultural aspects are covered as related to text selection, study skills, comprehension strategies, writing reinforcement, and vocabulary acquisition. (Prerequisite: EDU 312, corequisite SCED 491 (except for non-certification track))

430. Classroom Management in Secondary Contexts (2) (F, W) An in-depth study of effective classroom management practices in the public school classroom. Emphasis will be placed on specific applications in the classroom for the master teacher. (Prerequisite: EDU 312, corequisite SCED 491 (except for non-certification track))

491. Observation and Practicum (3) (F, W) Students work under the tutelage of a University Supervisor and a Cooperating Teacher in the public schools demonstrating pedagogy learned in methods courses. Seminar attendance required. (Prerequisite: EDU 312, corequisite SCED 401, 430 and formal admission to the School of Education)

492. Student Teaching (12) (F, W) Supervised teaching in the secondary schools. Seminar attendance required. (Prerequisites: Successful completion of all preliminary courses including SCED 491)