Student Development (STDEV)

101R. Introduction to University Life I (2) (F, W, S) Effective transition to academic, cultural, social and religious life at BYUH. Topics include campus resources, the University's mission, and organizational, critical-thinking, and effective-learning skills. 

358R. Student Leadership Development (1-3) (F, W, S) A leadership development training course for BYUHSA-affiliated student leaders. This course will examine key principles and practices of leadership and challenge students to utilize content knowledge and practical skills from the classroom as a means of self-assessment and learning application. The course will prepare students to be thoughtful and reflective leaders in their homes, churches, communities, careers and in building the Kingdom of God.  The course includes experiential education opportunities to apply the course curriculum and content in their leadership roles on campus through presidency meetings, activities, career workshops, service projects and gospel forums.