Public Management (PMGT)

300. Public Policy (3) (W) The decision-making processes by which public policies are reached, and steps of analysis of those policies. (Same as POSC 331)

350. Crisis Management (3) (W) Crisis Management conveys both knowledge and practical skills related to management principles necessary in times of crisis. Students learn about crisis prevention, planning, and leadership in both the public and private sector.

360. Disaster Management (3) (F) This course addresses management principles necessary to manage natural or man-made disasters. Examining prevention, mitigation, planning, and leadership. Disaster Management offers practical skills using current professional materials as well as professional training and certification in multiple skills.

390R. Special Topics in Public Management (3) (Variable)

499. Public Management (3) (F) Organizational strategy in public sector, political management, techniques of public management focusing on increasing public value.