Finance (FIN)

360. Financial Modeling and Analysis (3) (F, W, S) Focus on advanced financial analysis, modeling and financial problem solving using Microsoft Excel and Bloomberg Professional. Develop understanding of modeling and valuation of real estate, equity, debt, options, derivatives, and foreign exchange. Understand role of financial management, risk analysis, financial controls, coverage of securities structure and pricing, capital generation and dividend policy. (Prerequisite: BUSM 301 with a B- or better)

365. Real Estate Finance (3) (F, W) This course provides an introduction to the financing of real estate. All aspects are covered including primary and secondary sources of mortgage capital; Government lending and guarantee programs; documentation; types of loans; underwriting; and the mathematics and income tax aspects of real estate finance. (Prerequisite: FIN 360)

375. Corporate Finance (3) (F, W) This course covers assess valuation, risk analysis, capital decision making, financial controls, application of financial principles, securities structure and pricing, capital generation and dividend policy. (Prerequisite: FIN 360)

410. Investments (3) (F, W) Topics in financial markets, investments, portfolio theory, asset allocation, valuation, fixed-income securities, security analysis, and mutual funds. Discussion of financial markets, investment vehicles, asset allocation, risk analysis, evaluating performance, global considerations, buying and selling securities and tax implications of investing. Minor emphasis on career possibilities in the financial services industry. (Prerequisite: FIN 360)

492R. Chartered Financial Analyst Exam Preparation (2) (F, W, S) This course prepares students to take and pass the CFA exam. Course content includes: 1. Microeconomics and macroeconomics; 2. Fixed income; 3. Derivatives; 4. Alternative investments; 5. Corporate finance; 6. Portfolio management; 7. Equity investments; 8. Financial reporting and analysis; 9. Quantitative methods; and, 10. Ethical and professional standards. (Prerequisite: BUSM 301)

493. Chartered Financial Analyst Exam (0) This course is a placeholder for students who wish to take the Chartered Financial Exam (CFA). No credit is offered for the course. (Prerequisite: BUSM 301)