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Academic Advisor

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  • Tueller, James B. (1997) B.A. 1989, Brigham Young University; M.A. 1991, Columbia University; M.Phil. 1993, Columbia University; Ph.D. 1997, Columbia University.


Associate Professor

  • Walker, Isaiah M. (2006) B.A. 1997, Brigham Young University–Hawaii; M.A. 2000, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Ph.D. 2006, University of California, Santa Barbara.


Affiliated Faculty Member

  • Christiansen, AnnaMarie, English (2003) B.A. 1992, Brigham Young University–Hawaii; M.A. 1996, University of Hawaii; D.A. 2003, Idaho State University.


Special Instructors

  • Aupiu, Savani
  • Bixby, Terri-Lee
  • Palmer, Jesse
  • Stiefvater, James
  • Strain, Rebekah


Emeritus Faculty

  • Baldridge, Kenneth (1968-1993)
  • Gubler, Greg (1982-2005)
  • Stanton, Max (1971-2006)


Programs Descriptions

The History major lies at the center of the liberal arts curriculum and supports the University goal of obtaining a broad university education based on the world's arts, letters, and sciences. It offers students the opportunity to expand their horizons around the globe and across time from the earliest human era to the present. History students work in positions of challenge and responsibility in nearly every field, from business to teaching to law to government service. Many go on to earn graduate and professional degrees. They learn skills in research, writing, critical thinking, synthesis and interdisciplinarity that offer the best preparation for the varying challenges of work and service in the rapidly changing world.

Finally, it takes as a central goal the development of a student's ability to think clearly, communicate effectively, learn independently and solve problems successfully.

Career Opportunities

The major will provide a rigorous pre-professional degree to prepare students for graduate school in law, business and public administration, diplomacy, public relations, development, as well as academic programs. As a terminal degree the program will prepare highly desirable and competent professional consultants, business and government administration, teachers, writers in fields and professions where cultural interaction and differences are significant.
A student of history acquires skills and attitudes that are valuable assets in the professional world. With excellent writing, analytical and research skills, history majors are desirable in fields of education, government, publishing, information, advocacy and business. A wealth of opportunities awaits the history graduate, including careers as teachers, writers, lawyers, archivists, politicians and entrepreneurs. A student of history has every opportunity that thinking about the past and the present in a multitude of ways can open up to them. The values of curiosity and inquisitiveness make history majors people who desire to learn more and live life as a continual education.

Programs and Degrees

  • B.A. in History
  • B.A. in History Education
  • B.A. in Social Science Education
  • Asian Studies Minor
  • History Minor



Programs Outcomes

Upon completing a major in History, students will:

  1. Develop information literacy skills for evaluating historical and library sources.
  2. Communicate effectively about the past through written and oral presentations.
  3. Analyze arguments and perspectives of others.
  4. Develop historical ways of thinking to critically assess the past.
  5. Learn context from at least three of four major geographical areas (Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania).
  6. Connect to related disciplines, such as political science, geography, etc.
  7. Value the past and present of world communities.