Film Studies (FILM)

102. Introduction to Film (3) (F, W) Introduction to studies of film form, language, style, genres, techniques and historical development. (Prerequisite: ENGL 101)

218. Basic Video Production (3) (F, W, S) Using common video production tools, students in this course will learn to apply storytelling principles in creating visuals for various instructional and training purposes. (Same as ART 218)

300. World Cinema (3) (F, S) Surveys cinemas from various world areas and examines the role of cinema in reflecting and shaping culture. (FILM 102 recommended)

318. Intermediate Video Production (3) (F) Storytelling using created video segments for broadcast and webcast. This course centers on narrowing and delivering topics for clients. (Same as ART 318) (Prerequisite: FILM/ART 218)

365R. Special Studies in World Cinema (3) (W) A variable content course designed to explore various topics and themes in world cinema. May be repeated for credit provided the topic is different. (Same as HUM 365R) (Prerequisite: FILM 102)

399R. Internship in Film Studies (1-3) (Variable) Students may receive credit for applied experience in Film. Prior approval must be obtained and a program coordinated by a faculty member and the on-site supervisor. (Prerequisite: FILM/HUM 365R)

496R. Student Research (1-3) (Variable) Supervised individual research for students who have been granted a student research associateship.