Last name First name Program/Office
Akana Charlene Exercise and Sport Science
Aldrich Michael Library Services
Allred Randal English and Humanities
Anderson Neil English Language Teaching and Learning
Bailey John Education
Baldwin Cody Business Management
Barton Susan Mathematics
Beckstead Zachary Psychology
Belnap Michael Music and Theatre
Bennett Carol Education
Beus Yifen Visual Arts and Communication
Beus David English and Humanities
Blimes Randall Political Science
Bowen Matthew Religion
Bradshaw Daniel Music and Theatre
Bruner Phillip Natural Sciences
Bybee David Natural Sciences
Cannon Mark Natural Sciences
Carlson Russel Mathematics
Chen Chiung Visual Arts and Communication
Chen Jennifer Accounting
Chew Marynelle University Library
Christiansen Anna English and Humanities
Christensen Perry English Language Teaching and Learning
Cornwall Richard Natural Sciences
Countryman Cary Business Management
Court Allan English Language Teaching and Learning
Curtis Aaron Computer and Information Sciences
DeMartini Becky University Library
Densley Kristl Music and Theatre
Draper Geoffrey Computer and Information Sciences
Duerden Darren Music and Theatre
Earl Jason Entrepreneurship
Falevai Zoia Library Services
Fermantez Kali Culture and History
Ford Chad Culture and History
Frederick Erin Business Management
Galeai Kenneth Social Work
Gibson Gregory Business Management
Glenn Melissa Music and Theatre
Han Sherman English and Humanities
Hancock Stephen English and Humanities
Hannonen Helena Business Management
Helms Joel Mathematics
Henderson Daniel Music and Theatre
Hippolite Andre Social Work
Hong Barbara Education
Houghton Brian Political Science
Housman April Culture and History
Huff Lenard Business Management
Hurst Paul Mathematics
Hyde Scott Mathematics
Ingley Spencer Natural Sciences
James Mark English Language Teaching and Learning
Johnson Kurt Education
Jordan Benjamin Natural Sciences
Kaili Tevita Culture and History
Kajiyama Katsuhiro English and Humanities
Kaufusi Victor Social Work
Kohlert Jess Psychology
Kokkonen Joke Exercise and Sport Science
Kunz Christian Social Work
Kwon Jihae Visual Arts and Communication
Lane Jennifer Religion
Lane Keith Religion
Latham Karen Education
Lee James Computer and Information Sciences
Lukov Georgi Natural Sciences
Mapu Maryann English Language Teaching and Learning
Marcum Jared Distance Learning and Religion
Marlowe Eric-Jon Religion
Marshall Justin Library Services
Martins Marcus Religion
McArthur Phillip English and Humanities and Culture and History
McBride Richard Culture and History
McCarrey Scott Music and Theatre
McConnell Robert Visual Arts and Communication
Merrill Jeff Visual Arts and Communication
Miller Ronald Psychology
Murdock Michael Political Science and Culture and History
Nakachi Evan Exercise and Sport Science
Nemrow Joseph Accounting
Orr Eric Psychology
Parker Fred Business Management
Patrick Patricia English and Humanities
Peterson Keith English and Humanities
Phung Ban English and Humanities
Plicka Joseph English and Humanities
Pooley Gale Business Management
Porter David Exercise and Sport Science
Preece David Business Management
Rackley Eric Education
Ram Rosalind University Library
Rama Paul English Language Teaching and Learning
Reece Joel Exercise and Sport Science
Richardson Timothy English and Humanities
Rogers Paul Business Management
Saucier Esprit Natural Sciences
Scanlan Tialei Accounting
Scott Daniel Natural Sciences
Sharp Daniel Religion
Shute Jonathan Education
Slade Christopher Computer and Information Sciences
Smith Brad Natural Sciences
Smith Joshua Computer and Information Sciences
Smith Troy Political Science
Solis Leola English Language Teaching and Learning
Springer Scott Business Management
Stout Daniel Visual Arts and Communication
Tarawhiti Nancy English Language Teaching and Learning
Timothy Boyd Psychology
Tolutau Viliami Visual Arts and Communication
Tueller James Culture and History
Vicente Ricardo Business Management
Waite David Entrepreneurship
Walk Kamoa'e Culture and History
Walker Isaiah Culture and History
Wallace Amanda English Language Teaching and Learning
Watkins James Accounting
Weber Michael Natural Sciences
Weeks Colby Natural Sciences
Wesley Hiagi Culture and History
White Brent Accounting
Wilcken Ammon Education
Williams Ned English and Humanities
Wilson Paul Entrepreneurship
Wolfersberger Mark English Language Teaching and Learning
Wolthuis Stuart Computer and Information Sciences
Wong Ka Lun Mathematics
Wright Veronica English Language Teaching and Learning
Wyman Earl English Language Teaching and Learning