Cultural Anthropology (ANTH)

105. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3) (F, W, S) Designed to acquaint the student with social anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, and linguistics, with special emphasis on the contemporary applications of cultural anthropology.

210. Contemporary Pacific (3) (F) Study of contemporary issues of nation-building and modernity in Pacific Island societies (Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia).

310. Anthropology Theory (3) (W) A thorough review of the social and cultural theories that have informed anthropological inquiry, especially as they relate to problems in cultural studies. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105)

322. Ethnographic Skills (3) (F, S) Ethnographic methodologies including entrée, observations, interviewing, note taking, systematic organization of field data, transcription, translation, interpreting, analysis, critical reflexivity and professional report writing. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or IPB 121)

390R. Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology (1-3) (Variable)

391. Narrative, Identity and Culture (3) (F) Exploration of mythic, legendary, literary, and media generated cultural narratives used to construct identities including the personal, ethnic, religious, national, and global. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or COMM 110 or HUM 151 or 251 or IPB 121)

399R. Internship in Cultural Anthropology (1-12) (F, W, S) Students may receive credit for applied experience in Anthropology. Prior approval must be obtained and a program coordinated by a faculty member and the on-site supervisor. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105)

445. Anthropology of Religion (3) (F) Focuses on anthropological perspectives on religion, including myths, cosmology, and symbolic classification, rituals and practitioners of rituals, the natural environment, agents of change, and new religious movements. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or IPB 121)

447. Applied and Development Anthropology (3) (W) Detailed consideration of applied anthropology within the context of medicine, international development, business and industry, education, law/criminal justice, environmental issues and advocacy. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or IPB 121)

450. Political and Economic Anthropology (3) (W) An exploration of diverse political and economic processes that give shape to cultural formations, and inversely, how culture informs political and economic behavior and experience. Special attention given to comparative ethnographic cases that demonstrate the intersection of culture, politics, and economics. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or IPB 121)

460. Anthropology of Globalization (3) (S) An exploration of anthropology of globalization, focusing on issues relating to thinking globally, flows of capital, mobile subjects (migration), roving commodities, traveling media, and nomadic ideologies. (Prerequisite: ANTH 105 or IPB 121)

496R. Student Research (1-3) (Variable) Supervised individual research for students who have been granted a student research associateship.