Housing Office, Housing Office Building, (808) 675-3534

University Housing includes room and board residence halls for single men and women, and apartments for families. Students who enroll in 12 or more semester hours in the fall/winter/summer semesters are eligible for university housing for a maximum of five years, including single student residence halls (Hales) and married student apartments (Temple View Apartments).

Residence Halls for Single Men and Women

Student Housing, Housing Office Building, (808) 675-3534

The residence hall facilities are designed to maximize social interaction between students in a healthy, clean environment, which is conducive to high academic achievement. Board and room services for approximately 1140 men and women are provided in six residence halls. Most rooms are double-occupancy with single beds. We have a limited number of single rooms for Juniors and Seniors. On a limited basis, freshmen, will also be housed together in support of a freshmen learning community.

Hale Nalimanui (Hale One) is a female residence hall that has apartments with cooking facilities. The units are completely furnished (except for bedding, kitchen utensils and dishes) and have a kitchen, living room and bathroom. Eight students share each unit. Because of a limited number of apartments, only senior and junior students may apply. Freshmen are not permitted to apply except in cases of medical necessity. The other five residence halls are without cooking facilities, and residents have their meals in the cafeteria. However, Juniors and Seniors who are not enrolled in sponsorship programs can choose the Room with Club Card program. For more information on this plan, please visit the Food Services website at

Applications for Residence Halls (Single Students)

Students planning to enroll at BYU–Hawaii and live in the residence halls should check the appropriate box on the admissions application. A $50 non-refundable processing fee should be paid as soon as the student is accepted.

Students assigned to live in the residence halls must make room and board payments, installment or full, 7 days prior to moving in.  For an interactive checklist that will guide you through the application process visit the housing website.

Rental Agreements

Individuals planning to live in student housing should be totally familiar with and prepared to live by the terms and conditions of occupancy and must sign a housing contract for the accommodations they will occupy.

Early Arrivals

Non-sponsored single students who arrive early, prior to the scheduled arrival date, are charged a fee of $15 per day for room and must furnish meals at their own expense. Prior to their early arrival, students are asked to inform the Housing Office in writing. Students who check in early may be assigned to a lounge in the residence halls until their rooms become available.

Cost of Housing

BYU–Hawaii reserves the right to increase or modify the tuition and fee schedules.

2015-2016 Academic School Year  Room and Meal Plan

Hale 1*

Hale 2

Hale 7,8,9

Hale 3,5,10*

Fall, Winter & Spring Semester

(Hales 2,7,8,9 must choose either Silver or Gold Meal Plan)

Room $1400 $1200 $1300 $1500

Gold Meal Plan

(Sun-Sat All you can eat)

$0 $1725 $1725 $0

Silver Meal Plan

(Mon-Fri All you can eat)

$0 $1465 $1465 $0

100 Block Meal Plan**

(approx. 1 meal a day)

$800 $0     $0 $800
2015-2016 Academic School Year  Room and Meal Plan Hale 1* Hale 2 Hale 7,8,9 Hale 3,5,10*

Summer Break

(Hales 2,7,8,9 must choose either Silver or Gold Meal Plan)

Room $700 $600 $650 $750

Gold Meal Plan

(Sun-Sat All you can eat)

$0 $850 $850 $0

Silver Meal Plan

(Mon-Fri All you can eat)

$0 $710 $710 $0

100 Block Meal Plan**

(approx. 1 meal a day)

$437.50 $0 $0 $437.50

 *Apartment style dorm rooms with kitchens in each unit. Does not require a meal plan, but may choose one if desired.

**Only available for apartment style dorm rooms.



Residence for Students with Families -Temple View Apartments

Student Housing, Housing Office Building, (808) 675-3534

Accommodations for 285 families are provided in Temple View Apartments (TVA) consisting of family dwellings surrounded by lawn and play areas for children.

Each apartment is furnished with free internet access, free BYUH cable (TV) access, an IP telephone for local calls, a gas or electric range, refrigerator, curtains, dinette set, sofa, beds and sets of dresser drawers.  This furniture comes with apartment and cannot be removed.  Beds are not provided for children under the age of two. There is one assigned parking stall per apartment.  A card-operated laundry facility is available to TVA residents.  Personal washers and dryers are not permitted in individual units.

Because of the limited number of available apartments in TVA, there is a 3 semester waiting list for currently enrolled full-time BYUH students.  They are given first priority for TVA housing.  New or returning students who have been accepted for admission to the University but who are not yet enrolled are not placed on the first priority waitlist until the first day of class for the semester or term for which they are accepted.  All interested applicants must pay a $50 non-refundable processing fee to get on the waitlist.  Applicants will be notified no later than 30 days before the start of the semester if they will receive an assignment to TVA.

Eligibility for On-Campus Married Housing (TVA)

To be eligible for On-Campus Married Housing (TVA), either the husband, wife, or single parent head of the household must be enrolled in twelve or more semester hours during fall, winter, and summer semesters. Apartments are assigned according to family size as follows:

  • Studio-couples without children or with one child.
  • One bedroom-families without children or with one child.
  • Two bedroom-families with one to three children.
  • Three bedroom-families with 3 or more children

Due to apartment configuration, dimensions and size, families with two to four children will be considered on a case by case basis.

Applications for Temple View Apartments (Married Students)

Students planning to reside in married student housing should check the appropriate box on the admissions application. Upon acceptance they must submit a $50 non-refundable processing fee. When students are assigned to their Temple View Apartment, they must pay $300 deposit and current semester's rent prior to moving in. For details please refer to the Tuition and Fees section of the catalog.

Cost of Temple View Apartments

The charges for TVA are not handled monthly but are charged by semester.  At the start of each semester, four months worth of rent will be charged to the residents account.  Any type of deferred payment plan (monthly payment plan etc.) must be planned with the Financial Aid Office.  The housing office will not provide any alternative payment plans.  please contact the Financial Aid Office to learn more about deferred payment plans for TVA charges.  The tables below show the exact amount due for each apartment type.  Please keep in mind that the prices due during check-ins and check-outs will vary to reflect the exact amount of days spent in TVA.

2016-2017 Academic School Year

(Beginning August 1, 2016)

Type of Apartment Monthly Rate # of Months Total
Studio $825 4 $3300
One bedroom $880 4 $3520
Two bedroom $940 4 $3760
Three bedroom $990 4 $3960


Note: TVA rent is charged by semester.

Off-Campus Residential Housing

BYU–Hawaii Housing, Housing Office Building, (808) 675-3534
University policy requires all BYU–Hawaii IWORK students to reside in on-campus housing. All freshmen full-time students must reside in the campus residence halls until they have completed two semesters as full-time students unless they are living with immediate family (mother, father or legal guardian). Students transferring to the University must transfer a minimum of 30 credits to live off campus.

Students planning to reside off-campus should check the appropriate box on the admissions application. Students under the age of 25 living off campus must live in BYU–Hawaii contract off-campus housing facilities. Contracts for off-campus housing information can be found on the Housing website. Students living in off-campus housing will be under the same honor code policies and regulations as those who live in the residence halls.

Students must live in a residence hall, home or apartment with a Hawaii address while enrolled at BYU–Hawaii. All BYU–Hawaii students must provide the university with a current local address. Vagrant style living on beaches, in tents or vans, etc., is not permitted.