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(ART 445) Packaging Design

A studio course focusing on three-dimensional structures for a broad range of products that not only protect package contents but also create an experience for the user. Students examine how messages behave when distributed in a three-dimensional space. Conceptual development, prototyping, materials, type, image, layout, design, and form are fully explored to create commercial packaging.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites ART 370, 380
Offered Fall
Programs -

Course Learning Outcomes

Various product packaging types will be explored which will help students expand their design discipline. Students will:

  • communicate effectively verbally ad visually in presenting their ideas and work.
  • apply design principles to 2D and 3D forms.
  • enhance their knowledge of various packaging types and how to create a dieline.
  • learn to make realistic mock-ups and improve craftsmanship.
  • gain an understanding of the impact of environmental design.
  • have the confidence to work independently on projects in and outside of the classroom setting.