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(EXS 349) Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Treatment and care of common athletic injuries. Instructor’s permission needed. Fee required.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites BIOL 260/L and EXS 344/L
Offered Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. The learner identifies significant functional anatomical structures and movements in recognizing common sport injuries and conditions.
  2. The learner demonstrates a working knowledge of kinesiology as it affects body mechanics in skills performances (efficiency), rehabilitation/prevention design and identify common mechanisms of injuries.
  3. The learner implementing basic concepts of treatment and rehabilitation plan by applying the basic knowledge of exercise & human physiology on how the body response to injury.
  4. The learner develops a philosophy and practice of PREPAREDNESS. This will include prevention (emergency plan, pre-participation screening) and care (emergency care, basic assessment and follow up home care).
  5. The learner demonstrates appropriate selection and application of tape and wraps technique in various situations.
  6. The learner thinks critically and examine the basis of prevention and care of athletic injuries.