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(MATH 107) Quantitative Reasoning

Practical applications of mathematics in the context of logic, finance, statistics, probability, and other areas.

Course Outcomes

1. Demonstrates proficiency in Algebra and Trigonometry necessary for success in Advanced mathematical studies.
2. Demonstrates proficiency in Differential, Integral, and Multivariable Calculus necessary for success in Advanced mathematical studies.
3. Demonstrates content knowledge of both abstract and applied mathematical disciplines by stating definitions, salient theorems, and proofs of major theorems and concepts that are core content in upper-division courses.
4. Organize and explain their knowledge of logic and mathematical content in the structure of original valid proofs.
5. Communicate mathematical ideas effectively in both written and oralcontext.
6. Apply major definitions, theorems and algorithms in problem-solving.
7. Use appropriate technological tools while solving mathematical problems.
8. Prepare professionally for graduate school or employment in mathematics or related fields.