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(BUSM 499) Strategic Management

An integration of all the functional areas of business management with emphasis on analysis, decision making, and implementation.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites BUSM 301, BUSM 304, BUSM 310, BUSM 320, BUSM 342;
This course should be taken during last semester.
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
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Course Outcomes

Students will be able to:
1. Understand the strategic decision-making process.
2. Demonstrate foundational knowledge of key concepts in strategic analysis & decision making.
3. Communicate and defend a solid recommendation to key stakeholders.
4. Integrate knowledge gained in previous business courses, giving them a “big picture” view of how the various pieces of an enterprise fit together in order to align people with value and deliver value.
5. Understand the costs and benefits of various forms of financing including equity vs. long-term debt.
6. Identify key risks and design risk-reducing experiments in order to manage the risk.
7. Identify areas for expansion and demonstrate how to scale those activities.
8. Weigh why they entered a specific market and decide to continue in it or receive a financial payout.
9. Demonstrate specific lessons of ethics and disciple-leadership within a small group.
10.Score in the top 10% of the balanced scorecard world-wide while taking the final in Comp-XM.