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(EIL 313) Academic English I Listening/Speaking

Students develop general academic English proficiency by focusing on listening and speaking in academic content areas.

Credit Hours 4.0 Lecture
Corequisite EIL 317
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
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Course Outcomes

  • Read and process academic texts efficiently, noting length, complexity, and time constraints. Practice annotating readings for better understanding and recall.
  • Listen to and process academic discourse (e.g. lectures, presentations, videos, each other, etc.)
  • Participate orally in both whole-class and small-group settings. Make recordings. Visit a Speaking Tutor. Give individual oral presentations.
  • Write notes and summaries of readings and lectures. Incorporate source materials into your writing and critical response essays.
  • Learn new words, word families, and collocations.
  • Visit with a Grammar Tutor every week to review select writings.
  • Your honesty will be called upon as you self-report some of your activities on Canvas