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(EIL 341) Academic Vocabulary Development

Students learn and apply strategies to improve independent vocabulary learning. This class focuses on understanding frequently used academic words.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Prerequisite None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  • Use readings to increase processing of academic vocabulary.
  • Use class activities to increase listening comprehension of academic vocabulary.
  • Use academic vocabulary in speaking in class/groups. Produce unprepared and prepared speaking samples for analysis using electronic resources to determine level of academic vocabulary.
  • Use academic vocabulary in writing and analyze ability to use academic vocabulary using electronic language resources.
  • Increase understanding of subject specific vocabulary. Learn a variety of ways to know a word through the study of pronunciation, spelling, dictionary definitions, appropriate usage, collocations, word families, and connotations.
  • Learn grammar and usage rules associated with target vocabulary. Learn where to find grammar support for vocabulary
  • Conduct self-evaluation/assessments on your knowledge of AWL words. Make a language plan for continually increasing vocabulary knowledge.