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Biochemistry Minor

Hours - 21 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2023
Last Revision 2/27/2023
Faculty Unit Assignment: Faculty of Sciences
Sponsoring Program: Biology
Holokai Category: Math & Sciences

Program Requirements

Required — 20 credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
CHEM 105 General Chemistry I F, W 3.0 MATH 110 with a C- or better (MATH 110 can be a corequisite if MATH 101 was completed-see advisor), or ACT math score 24+, or SAT math score 590+. High school chemistry or CHEM 101 highly recommended.
CHEM 106 General Chemistry II W, S 3.0 CHEM 105 w/C- or better
CHEM 107L General Chemistry Laboratory F, W, S 1.0 Pre- or corequisite: CHEM 106
CHEM 201 Chemical and Laboratory Safety F, W, S 1.0 CHEM 105
CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry I F, W 3.0 CHEM 106 w/C- or better
CHEM 351L Organic Chemistry I Lab F 1.0 CHEM 107L. Co- or prerequisite: CHEM 351 and CHEM 201
CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry II F, W 3.0 CHEM 351 w/C- or better
CHEM 352L Organic Chemistry II Lab W 1.0 CHEM 351/L and co- or prerequisite: CHEM 352
CHEM 481 Biochemistry I F, S 3.0 BIOL 112/L w/C- or better, CHEM 351 w/C- or better.
CHEM 483L or Biochemistry Methods Lab - Proteins F, S 1.0 CHEM 351L. Co- or prerequisite: CHEM 481
BIOL 484L or Biomolecular Methods Lab – Nucleic Acids F, W, S 1.0 Co- or prerequisites: BIOL 376 or BIOL 441
BIOL 485L Biomolecular Methods Lab – Mammalian Cells W 1.0 Co- or prerequisite: any of the following: CHEM 481, BIOL 441 or BIOL 442

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

    Program Learning Outcomes