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(BIOL 484L) Biomolecular Methods Lab - Nucleic Acids

This course provides hands-on training in laboratory techniques widely used in biochemistry and molecular biology: DNA electrophoresis, restriction digestion, and ligation, bacterial transformation, DNA extraction and purification, PCR, DNA recombination, expression, sequencing, and others.

Credit Hours 1.0 Lab
Co- or Prerequisites BIOL 376 or BIOL 441
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
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Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to apply fundamental natural science knowledge and skills to investigate, express, and evaluate concepts in molecular biology. They will be able to complete laboratory procedures, generate hypotheses, analyze data, and draw conclusions. Students will learn the laboratory skills and scientific inquiry processes to continue life-long learning in the biological sciences.
  2. Learn lab safety and sterile lab techniques.
  3. Learn molecular biology techniques like DNA isolation, PCR, gel electrophoresis, restriction digestion, transformation, cloning, Sanger sequencing, etc.