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Chinese Minor (Mandarin)

Hours - 17 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2022
Last Revised 7/07/2022
Holokai Category: Arts & Humanities

Program Requirements

Required — 17 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I F 4.0 CHIN 102 or permission of instructor
CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II W 4.0 CHIN 201 or permission of instructor
CHIN 301 Introduction to Chinese Literature F 3.0 CHIN 202
CHIN 311 Advanced Chinese Conversation S 3.0 CHIN 301 or permission of instructor
CHIN 441 Classical Chinese Literature W 3.0 CHIN 301 or CHIN 311

Additional Program Requirements

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes