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(ENGL 101) College Writing, Reading, and Research

Learning critical awareness through developing effective writing, reading, and research skills by analyzing and critiquing literary and other texts. Requires multiple kinds of writing, including a research paper.

Special Note: Completion of English 101 is required for registration in any English course with a higher catalog number.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

In their writing:

  1. Focus on purpose by asserting a thesis in their writing.
  2. Develop thesis by providing an organized series of paragraphs that present relevant evidence.
  3. Write in (and proofread for?) Standard American English
  4. Maintain appropriate tone and diction for academic writing.

In their reading:

  1. learn how to read different kinds of texts (such as personal essays, poetry, fiction, scholarly journal articles, and drama).
  2. Learn the basic literary terms of classification and analysis (as defined by the department list).
  3. Understand the literal meaning of the text.
  4. Understand that texts also have contextual meanings.
  5. Identify figurative and symbolic meanings of texts.

In their research:

  1. Research a topic using library sources.
  2. Understand plagiarism and know how to avoid it.
  3. Select and integrate information and quotes from sources into writing.
  4. Provide basic documentation for source uses.

In their thinking:

  1. Interpret thematic meaning or meaning beyond the literal meaning of a text.
  2. Provide evidence to support that interpretation.
  3. Present and defend that interpretation to others in the class, orally and in writing groups.