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(IT 224) Computer Hardware and Systems Software

Introduction to computer operating systems, graphical and command-line user interfaces, hardware and software installation, utility programs, software integration, and diagnostic techniques.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. Select the appropriate computer components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers
  2. Explain how to correctly use tools and safely work in a lab
  3. Install components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers
  4. Explain how to perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on personal computers
  5. Install Windows operation systems
  6. Perform management and maintenance of Windows operating systems
  7. Configure computers to communicate on a network
  8. Configure devices to connect to the Internet and Cloud services
  9. Explain how to use, configure, and manage laptops and mobile devices
  10. Explain how to configure, secure and troubleshoot mobile, OS X, and Linux operating systems
  11. Install and share a printer to meet requirements
  12. Implement basic host, data, and network security
  13. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the IT professional
  14. Troubleshoot advanced hardware and software problems