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(FIN 360) Corporate Financial Statement Analysis

Focuses on advanced financial analysis, modeling and financial problem solving using Microsoft Excel. Develop understanding of modeling and valuation of real estate, equity, debt, options, derivatives, and foreign exchange. Understand role of financial management, risk analysis, financial controls, coverage of securities structure and pricing, capital generation and dividend policy.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisite BUSM 301 with a B- or better
Offered Fall, Winter
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Course Learning Outcomes

  1. You will understand how to provide financing for a corporation. This includes being able to forecast the company’s needs for funds and being able to choose effectively from among many different sources of funds.
  2. You will understand how to select the best use for funds that the corporation has. This includes being able to assess how much cash is generated from a project, being able to assess the risk involved with different investments, and being able to determine when funds should be returned to shareholders.
  3. You will be able to use spreadsheet models effectively to help make financing and investment decisions.
  4. You will improve your ability to work effectively in a group.
  5. You will improve your ability to communicate your ideas orally and in writing.