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Course Types

Independent Study

Independent Study consists of interaction between an individual student and a regularly employed instructor of our campus through the use of communications technology (i.e. mail, telephone, internet, email, audio/video conferencing or other electronic means) instead of regularly scheduled, conventional classroom or laboratory sessions. These courses are listed as 495R/496R.

Modes of Instruction

Modes of instruction include section 200 (on-campus online) and section 100 (hybrid). These modes of instruction are not purely online classes and cannot be taken by students who are away from campus for a semester.

Repeatable Courses

All courses listed with an “R” at the end of the course number are considered repeatable and are counted each time in the computation of the cumulative GPA. Each course will count towards graduation. Repeatable courses are titled as “Special Topics” and the subject matter changes from semester to semester. Courses may be variable in credit count and also in faculty selected to teach the course.