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Disclaimer Statement

The BYU–Hawaii Online Catalog ( reflects current academic policies, procedures, degree offerings, course descriptions, and other information pertinent to undergraduate study. This digital version of the catalog is now the official catalog of the University. The printed catalog is no longer the official catalog of the University, and in the case of any difference between the printed catalog and the online catalog, university officials will be guided by the online catalog.

Once a particular set of requirements for a major, minor, or certificate are no longer active then students may no longer declare that option. If majors, minors, or certificates are discontinued, or if changes in the requirements are made, the university will endeavor to allow students who have declared a major to finish their degree with the previous set of requirements by providing options for substitution.

Students who leave the University for any term other than summer should refer to the online Catalog for information regarding University and general education requirements when they return. Students should refer to the online Catalog and relevant Major Requirement Sheet that is current at the time they declare their major for information regarding their major requirements. In all cases, the University reserves the right to make necessary changes in policies, curriculum, graduation requirements, individual courses, instructors, tuition, fees, and calendars contained in its catalog at any time without prior written notice.