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(ENGL 398) On-Campus Practicum in English Composition

In English 398, students will develop foundational skills in composition pedagogy by observing an ENG 101 course under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students will also gain hands-on teaching experience by developing and teaching lesson plans, developing and applying rubrics in grading student assignments, and by holding weekly office hours to assist students in their writing. Weekly meetings with the Composition Coordinator will provide additional background in pedagogical theory, classroom management, effective learning activities and teaching strategies, developing a teaching philosophy, and creating course documents (syllabi, lesson plans, rubrics, etc.). Completion of this course with a passing grade qualifies domestic students to apply for a post-graduation internship as an ENG 101 Special Instructor.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites Senior Standing in the English Major and Instructor Permission through Application process
Offered Variable
Programs -

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize and apply effective teaching and classroom management strategies.
  2. Prepare course documents (syllabus, assignment sheets, rubrics, lesson plans, etc.)
  3. Assess student learning using a rubric.
  4. Develop a teaching philosophy.