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(EXS 495R) Independent Study

Designed for the advanced undergraduate who desires to pursue a particular area of study.

Credit Hours 1.0 - 3.0 Independent Study
Prerequisite Program consent
Offered Variable
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Course Outcomes

  1. Student learners will improve their understanding of research in Exercise Science and why it is important by evaluating other research projects.
  2. Student learners will improve their scientific writing skills by revising and completing their manuscript.
  3. Student learners will understand research ethics by avoiding academic dishonesty, protecting participants, and explaining other ethical considerations related to research.
  4. Student learners will understand different types of research (e.g., experimental, descriptive, and qualitative) and appropriate statistics for types of research by evaluating their own and others’ research projects.
  5. Student learners will understand and practice basic statistical concepts by completing statistical analyses on their data and writing a results section (e.g., probability, sampling, parametric v nonparametric, correlational, regression, t-tests, ANOVA testing Chi-square, etc.)
  6. Student learners will understand best practice for measurements of variables to ensure validity and reliability by collecting their own proposed research (e.g., objective vs subjective measurements, standard scores, rating scores, etc.). 7.Student learners will select, conduct, and explain appropriate statistical tests within research designs.
  7. Student learners will effectively communicate their research projects in writing and orally.