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Information Technology Minor

Hours – 18 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2022
Last Revision 7/01/2022
Holokai Category: Math & Sciences

Program Requirements

Required Coursework — 12 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
CIS 101 Beginning Programming F, W, S 3.0
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Information Systems and Technology F, W, S 3.0
IT 224 Computer Hardware and Systems Software F, W, S 3.0
IT 280 Computer Networking F, W, S 3.0

Elective Coursework — 6 Credits

An additional 6 credit hours of coursework in information technology including any necessary prerequisite courses level 300 and above.

Additional Program Requirements

The information technology minor is not available for information technology majors.

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

For this minor, students must complete at least nine IS or IT credits that are not applied to other BCIS, CS, IS, or IT majors, minors or certificates.

Program Learning Outcomes