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Information Technology Minor

Hours – 18 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2020
Last Revision 7/20/2020

Program Requirements

Required Coursework — 12 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
CIS 101 Beginning Programming F, W, S 3.0
CIS 200 Fundamentals of Information Systems and Technology F, W, S 3.0
IT 224 Computer Hardware and Systems Software F, W, S 3.0
IT 280 Computer Networking F, W, S 3.0

Elective Coursework — 6 Credits

An additional 6 credit hours of coursework in Information Technology including any necessary prerequisite courses.

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
IT 320 System Administration Essentials F 3.0
IT 427 Client Management and Configuration W 3.0
IT 480 Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction W 3.0
IT 481 Information Assurance and Security F 3.0

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

For this minor, students must complete at least 9 IS or IT credits that are not applied to other BCIS, CS, IS, or IT majors, minors or certificates.

Program Outcomes