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(EIL 213) Intermediate I Listening/Speaking

Produces comprehension of basic oral texts through the study of listening and vocabulary strategies; builds delivery, language use, and topic development skills through communicative activities.

Credit Hours 4.0 Lecture
Prerequisite None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. Reading:
    • Read textbook dialogues and academic lectures
    • Read articles related to the course theme.
  2. Listening:
    • Being able to listen to classmate’s opinions and respond accordingly during class and group discussions
    • Extensive listening both top-down and bottom-up processing
    • Take listening notes.
  3. Speaking:
    • Discuss reading and listening assignments in small groups.
    • Summarize course material in conversations with a partner.
  4. Writing:
    • Write completed Listening and Speaking weekly logs
  5. Vocabulary:
    • Study content-specific vocabulary for each Chapter and take tests
    • Study academic vocabulary related to classroom topics and readings.
    • In-depth study of AWL Sub-lists 1-4 and take AWL tests.
  6. Grammar:
    • answer correctly “Mechanics of listening” questions on Tests.
    • Identify grammatical phrases that accomplish particular acts.
    • Use appropriate grammatical phrases in oral work.
  7. Learner Autonomy:
    • Conduct personalized speaking tasks every day
    • Make use of additional resources (including tutors, books, and websites) to target individualized language learning needs.
    • Choose websites and listening activities according to personal needs and interests